Housing for your Birds

Everyone loves to watch young birds being fed and we can attract more birds to our property by offering them places to nest. By putting up nesting boxes we are replacing natural cavities that may have been removed by development or by taking down hollow trees.

Cavity-nesting birds will readily use a nest box if it is in the right habitat and in our area these include: Eastern Bluebird, Carolina and House Wrens, Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, White-breasted Nuthatch (maybe Brown-headed and Red-breasted in some locations), Red-bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, Purple Martin, Tree Swallow, Eastern Screech, Barred and Barn Owls and Wood Duck.

Choosing the Right Habitat

Determine the proper height to hang or mount your nest box. Many birds prefer their nesting habitat at a certain level, and you will be more likely to attract the species you seek if you place the box at the right height.

Find out where your specific bird likes to nest. Does the bird prefer woodlands or open spaces? Does it like to be near water?

Place your box in your yard before birds start seeking nesting spots in February and March. You can leave the box up all year, but clean it out in fall so birds can use it as shelter in the winter. You can use a 10% bleach/water solution to wipe out the inside of the box; then let it air dry.

Keeping Predators at Bay

Use a predator guard over your nest box's hole to help keep critters from disturbing your nesting birds.

If you mount your nest box on a pole, be sure to place a baffle just below your box to keep squirrels, raccoons, cats and other animals away.

Observing Your Bird Family

Approach the box slowly. Lightly tap on the side of the box to give the adult bird a chance to leave. Open the box carefully to observe the birds. Briefly check on the birds once or twice a week. Photograph carefully and share with your family and friends.

We have a wide variety of bird houses available for most local species, and each one has been designed to accommodate the specific bird's physical and nesting requirements. Stop by and talk to us about attracting birds to your property.

Many bird houses are now available in recycled plastic/resin material. These will last a lot longer than the traditional wooden houses.

You can also offer nesting material for your Goldfinches, wrens, chickadees and titmice.