Feeding Birds with suet

Suet Feeding is very popular and offers the birds a rich protein source- especially during the colder months of the year. With the advent of Suet Dough, you can easily feed the birds with this high protein-rich food source throughout the year. Regular suet is available in several flavors, such as "Naturally Nuts", "Nuts and Berries" and many more.

Our Suet Selection

The easiest way to start is to use a simple green cage suet feeder or one of the new recycled tail-prop feeders. The green cage feeder is the easiest way to start feeding suet. It's inexpensive and is sure to bring in the birds!

After feeding with a simple green feeder, you may wish to upgrade to a recycled or tail-prop suet feeder. The Downy Woodpecker in the photo below on the left is feeding on one of the recycled tail-prop suet feeders- a great design that is very durable and pretty resistant to squirrel problems. You can also get larger- "double" tail prop feeders that may be easier for the larger Pileated Woodpeckers to use- such as the one below.

We have unique upside-down suet feeders that prevent the ubiquitous starlings from eating all of your suet. Woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees have no problems hanging upside down to get at the suet block.

Squirrels, of course, really like suet, and there's now Hot Pepper Suet Dough as well as a squirrel-proof suet feeder that you can use to thwart these furry beasts. We carry a design very similar to the feeder below. This keeps out the squirrels but can also prevent the larger woodpeckers from getting at the suet.

As well as attracting woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice and wrens, suet will often bring in a surprising visitor. Our friend Todd Arcos photographed this Ruby-crowned Kinglet at his suet feeder here in Western North Carolina.